Long Range Reader - uPass Target

introduces the uPASS Target. Based on the passive UHF RFID technology, the uPASS Target offers long-range identification up to 10 meters (33 feet)*. The uPASS Target complies with reading EPC Gen 2 passive UHF tags. The uPASS Target is a solid solution for long-range identification of vehicles, people and rolling stock. This UHF RFID reader enables access control to gated perimeters as well as close monitoring of traffic flow activities at industrial sites and logistic depots.

Typical applications for the uPASS Target are:
• High-speed transportation
• Rail yards and bus depots
• Car park facilities
• Internal logistics
• Industrial operations
• Automated truck activities

Plug & Play operation
Like all Nedap systems, the uPASS Target enables easy integration and installation. In only a few steps the uPASS Target is deployed.

Easy integration
The uPASS Target supports seamless integration into any existing or new third party systems for access control, logistic operations, security and parking. It supports a variety of industry-standard communication interfaces, such as Wiegand, Magstripe/Clock & Data, Ethernet (PoE) and serial connections like RS422 and RS485.

Freedom of tag orientation
The uPASS Target features an integrated circular polarized antenna. This intelligent antenna design enables freedom of tag orientation and ensures a consistent read range. The optional external antenna can be added to achieve a wider or more focused read range. Nedap formatted tags are available for added security.

Heavy industrial equipment
The uPASS Target features a connector based interfacing. All terminals are equipped with M12 industrial connectors and contra connectors, according to the latest industrial standards and quality. Thanks to the durable IP66 rated industrial enclosure, the uPASS Target operates solidly in industrial environments and under all-weather circumstances.

Multi-color LED control
The built-in high intensity red, green and blue LED’s provide the user with visual feedback whenever the tag is read or authorized. The LED functionality can be controlled in the backend system, but can also be preconfigured.

For more information, refer to the uPASS Target Installation Guide.

*When used according to the recommended guideline as
described in the uPASS Target Installation Guide.