Visitor registration with approval workflow

AEOS visitor management is more than just optimizing the flow of visitors in your company. Rather, it offers opportunities to implement the security concept of your company, to receive reliable information about your visitors and their stay and at the same time to exude professionalism and hospitality. By optimizing the visitor management process, you can significantly reduce costs, improve security and generate valuable visitor data. Fast and precise acquisition in a modern and intuitive user interface

  • Visitor registration
  • Integration of document scanners
  • Additional storage options in the master record for documents
  • Approval person, with this you can ensure that visitors only get access if your contact person is in the area and has been confirmed by you
  • Maximum length of stay, enables precise control of the length of time a visitor is in the building. If the specified period is exceeded, the ID can be blocked automatically
  • Maximum number of movements, this can be used to determine how often an area can be entered and exited with an ID card. If the limit is exceeded, an alarm can be triggered, for example
  • Free fields, in our AEOS application any number of free fields can be added for specific requirements

Contractor Management

Many companies employ external workers and regularly outsource specific tasks to other companies. In order to be able to manage the authorizations and access rights appropriately, AEOS offers different categories in order to recognize them separately from visitors and normal employees. The distinction between these groups is essential for maintaining security and for administrative reasons. With AEOS external company management you can keep an eye on your suppliers and the employees who work for them.

The main features are:

  • Registration of external companies Management of external companies and their authorizations
  • Clear overview of the assigned authorizations
  • People whose authorization has expired automatically no longer receive access
  • A specified number of employees from your external companies may work with the authorization of the specific supplier
  • If an external company is blocked, all registered persons who work for this company are automatically blocked