The proven AEOS access control system is used by over 5,600 customers worldwide. Thanks to its state-of-the-art software architecture and the use of open IT standards, AEOS can be easily integrated into existing, higher-level control systems. AEOS can administer an unlimited number of users, persons, vehicles and ID media, which can be distributed over several locations on different continents with different time zones.

With a selection of modular software components, AEOS can be quickly and easily adapted to customer needs. The main features are:

  • Access management
  • Alarm management in accordance with EN 50131-1 grade 3.
  • Video surveillance
  • Dynamic locker management
  • Mechatronic components according to the OSS standard
  • Parking management and license plate recognition
  • Interfaces such as SAP, LDAP, BACnet, OPC, web service
  • Operating system and platform independent
  • Role based software
  • High availability through peer-to-peer communication, even if your web server is not available.

Thanks to its full scalability, AEOS can be perfectly adapted to the size and security requirements of your company. Software updates and the continuous development of new programs ensure that AEOS will continue to meet the increasingly strict and complex security requirements in the future. With the increasing risk of cyber attacks, it is becoming more and more important to keep every customer's security level up to date. In this context, AEOS was expanded to include the SAML functionality.

With SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language), every AEOS system operator can automatically log in to the third-party provider that is already in use in the company. For example, you can use Active Directory, OneLogin, PingIdentity, Okta and many others to log into AEOS. SAMLS allows you to verify the identity of AEOS users using multifactor authentication, which further increases cybersecurity.

Option: Software as a Service (SaaS)

The access control software, which can be operated intuitively, is ready for use immediately after installing the hardware components. There is no need for high initial investments, the system use of the software is billed monthly / quarter, etc. In the event of changes such as For example, new security requirements, additional doors, etc., AEOS can be easily expanded at any time. That saves you time and money. Security and data protection are of the utmost importance. Using the latest encryption methods and strong authentication ensures secure communication and storage in all elements of the AEOS access control system. The entire management of the system takes place on secure and protected servers in a certified German data center.

Often companies do not see access control systems as IT systems that are connected to a network. Therefore, the security principles used in IT have often not yet been imposed on physical access control systems. This oversight leaves these companies vulnerable to cyber attacks, which can have dramatic effects. By applying the latest principles of encryption and strong authentication in IT, secure communication between and storage in all elements of the AEOS access control system is achieved. This increases the security of end-to-end connections and enables immediate recovery if keys are compromised. The special feature of this solution is that the communication keys and digital certificates are stored in a security module (SAM container) in the door controllers. This ensures that all elements of the access control system are trustworthy and that secure communication can take place between all system elements. In this way, robust protection against physical and digital cyber threats can be achieved.

We would be happy to inform you about the advantages of SaaS as a flexible and cost-effective alternative to the classic purchase model. As a further option, hardware and software can also be rented to buy.